The medieval origin of the Earth symbol refers to the four compass points, the four seasons, the four corners of the world and the Christian cross, with all its intrinsic meanings.
Mother Earth is our source of inspiration as well as the origin of all our progress, evolution and knowledge. Mankind draw from the earth and its amorphous matter what they can shape and transform.
When aesthetics meets beauty and creativity, matter becomes art.
When art meets practical functionality, matter becomes design.

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materia per abitare

Materia, colore e superfici coordinate concorrono a ridefinire in un total look coerente gli spazi contemporanei dell’abitare


Natural lime-based continuous surfaces with a substantial material effect, refined with a 100% non-toxic beeswax-based treatment. Naturaofficina is available in a 20-colour palette (6 are derived by Cottofficina).


Legnofficina reinterprets the wood, an archetypical component of domestic environments: it has been renovated by means of painting procedures that confer a particularly ‘soul’ feature, in a total chromatic continuity with Cottofficina and Naturaofficina.

speciale 'milano design week 2017'

04 / 09Aprile 2017


All’interno del punto vendita in Corso Venezia 6 - Milano - dal 4 al 9 Aprile, Alberto Guardiani ospiterà la presentazione di OFFICINE OPUS by OPUS + OSSIGENO
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